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    • Open Europe responds to the draft Withdrawal Agreement November 16, 2018
      Following the cabinet's approval of the draft Withdrawal Agreement this week, Open Europe's Aarti Shankar, Dominic Walsh and David Shiels examine what the text sets out on the Irish backstop, as well as the possibilities for the future relationship. While the UK has secured key concessions, particularly on the creation of UK-wide customs backstop, problematic […]
    • There was never going to be a perfect Brexit November 16, 2018
      Speaking to BBC News on November 16, Open Europe's Henry Newman argued that Prime Minister Theresa May should have explained the compromises of Brexit more clearly.The post There was never going to be a perfect Brexit appeared first on Open Europe.
    • The possibility of a No Deal Brexit is getting higher November 16, 2018
      Open Europe's Henry Newman discussed the Brexit deal agreed by the UK and the EU and the chances of a No Deal Brexit scenario on the BBC News Beyond 100 Days programme on November 15. The post The possibility of a No Deal Brexit is getting higher appeared first on Open Europe.
    • Esther McVey and five junior ministers resign over Prime Minister’s Brexit deal November 16, 2018
      Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey resigned from the Cabinet yesterday over the proposed Brexit deal that UK and EU negotiators have agreed this week. In her resignation letter, McVey said, "The deal [the Prime Minister] put before the Cabinet [on Wednesday] does not honour the result of the referendum...We wouldn’t be taking back control, we would […]
    • Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab resigns over draft Withdrawal Agreement November 15, 2018
      Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has resigned this morning saying, "I cannot in good conscience support the terms proposed for our deal with the EU." Following yesterday’s cabinet meeting to decide whether to approve the text of the withdrawal treaty, Prime Minister Theresa May announced, “The collective decision of the Cabinet was that the Government should […]
    • RTE: EU and UK negotiators agree on text for Irish backstop November 14, 2018
      UK and EU negotiators have agreed on a legal text for the Irish backstop section of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, RTE reported yesterday. The text was reportedly agreed on Monday night and then transmitted to Downing Street. Two sources have told RTE that the text is “as stable as can be,” though they qualified that […]
    • It is crucial for a Brexit deal to protect the integrity of the UK November 13, 2018
      Open Europe’s Henry Newman was on the BBC 2’s Politics Live programme on November 13, discussing Brexit negotiations along with Conservative MP Anna Soubry, Labour MP John Mann, and Polly Mackenzie of Demos think tank. The post It is crucial for a Brexit deal to protect the integrity of the UK appeared first on Open […]
    • Theresa May: Brexit negotiations now “in the endgame” November 13, 2018
      Speaking in London yesterday, Prime Minister Theresa May said Brexit negotiations “are now in the endgame,” adding, “We are working extremely hard, through the night, to make progress on the remaining issues in the withdrawal agreement, which are significant." She also said that she "will not compromise on what people voted for in the referendum. This will not […]
    • The Times: EU rejects plans for “independent mechanism” to end customs backstop November 12, 2018
      According to The Times, the EU has rejected UK plans for an "independent mechanism" to decide whether the UK could exit a customs union backstop. The EU has reportedly told the government that only the European Court of Justice (ECJ) could arbitrate the exit mechanism. Former Brexit Secretary David Davis said such a role for […]
    • How far would the UK go to secure an all-UK customs backstop? November 9, 2018
      Following reports the EU is pursuing "level playing field" commitments as part of the Irish backstop, Open Europe's Aarti Shankar considers what the UK government might accept to obtain a UK-wide customs arrangement.The post How far would the UK go to secure an all-UK customs backstop? appeared first on Open Europe.

Top Dutch companies and multinationals

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MT500 (2017)

The MT 500 2017 is the list of the 500 best companies in the Netherlands. Below is the top 50, the real elite of Dutch business.

The list is divided on the basis of the opinion of ‘peers’, managers and directors from the same sector.

The MT500 is the annual report of an investigation into the image of Dutch companies among managers, decision makers and managers.

The research was carried out this year for the seventeenth time. It took place in December 2016.

Just like in the past two years, we worked together with INSCOPE Research, a knowledge company of Erasmus University Rotterdam. INSCOPE was responsible for the design and execution of the research.

We were able to benefit from, among other things, the knowledge of Professor of Strategic Management Henk Volberda. Characteristic of the approach of the MT500 is the peer-to-peer assessment: respondents only pass judgment on companies that are active in their own sector. (source)