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    • Shadow Cabinet splits ahead of Labour Conference vote on second referendum September 25, 2018
      Divisions appeared in the Shadow Cabinet yesterday over the question of a potential second vote on Brexit, ahead of today’s vote at the Labour Party Conference. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell had told Sky News that a potential future vote should be “on the deal itself” rather than revisiting the question of Leave or Remain, adding […]
    • May: Brexit negotiations at an “impasse”, and EU should present “their alternative” to Chequers September 24, 2018
      Speaking last Friday, Prime Minister Theresa May said that UK-EU negotiations are at an "impasse." She argued, "Anything which fails to respect the referendum or which effectively divides our country in two would be a bad deal and I have always said no deal is better than a bad deal." May also said, "Throughout this […]
    • The Prime Minister needs to clearly explain her Brexit policy September 21, 2018
      Following the informal EU leaders summit at Salzburg, Open Europe’s Henry Newman argued on BBC 2 Politics Live on September 21 that Prime Minister Theresa May needs to explain clearly the compromises made by the Government to come up with the Chequers proposal as well as her future Brexit policy.The post The Prime Minister needs […]
    • EU27 announce that UK’s Chequers proposal for economic cooperation “will not work” September 21, 2018
      Speaking at a press conference after the EU leaders informal summit in Salzburg, European Council President Donald Tusk said that the EU27 agreed that “while there are positive elements in the [UK Government’s] Chequers proposal, the suggested framework for economic cooperation will not work, not least because it will risk undermining the single market.” He […]
    • Salzburg Summit will not drastically change EU position on Brexit September 20, 2018
      Open Europe’s Aarti Shankar discussed the state of Brexit negotiations on Euronews English on September 18, saying that while the informal EU leaders summit in Salzburg is not a turning point, it gives the EU27 leaders the opportunity to discuss the UK’s Chequers proposal and come up with a response.The post Salzburg Summit will not […]
    • Theresa May rejects EU “improved” Irish backstop proposal September 20, 2018
      Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday rejected the EU’s offer of an “improved” Irish backstop, which would move checks and controls on the movement of goods between Northern Ireland and Great Britain away from the sea border. A senior government source told The Times, “Any backstop will have to respect our red line that there is […]
    • What does the MAC report mean for future UK immigration policy? September 19, 2018
      The Migration Advisory Committee yesterday published its final report, 'EEA migration in the UK'. Open Europe's David Shiels looks at how the report shapes the debate on post-Brexit immigration policy.The post What does the MAC report mean for future UK immigration policy? appeared first on Open Europe.
    • A key issue at the Salzburg Summit will be the formulation of the ‘backstop’ on Northern Ireland September 19, 2018
      Ahead of the informal EU leaders summit in Salzburg, Austria, where Brexit will be a topic of discussion, Open Europe’s Stephen Booth appeared on Sky News to assess whether we should expect a change in the EU27 position. The post A key issue at the Salzburg Summit will be the formulation of the ‘backstop’ on […]
    • Government should scrap the cap on high-skilled labour immigration, advisory body suggests September 19, 2018
      The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), an independent public body advising the Government, yesterday published a report on migration into the UK from the European Economic Area (EEA). The MAC says, “EEA migration as a whole has not harmed the existing resident population overall, as has been claimed by some, but also has not had the […]
    • EU wants “credible political promises” UK will not unpick post-Brexit relationship in the future September 18, 2018
      The Times reports that the European Commission is seeking “credible political promises” from Prime Minister Theresa May that the terms of the final UK-EU agreement would not be unpicked in the future. This comes after Environment Secretary Michael Gove suggested that “a future Prime Minister could always choose to alter the relationship between Britain and […]

Top Dutch companies and multinationals

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MT500 (2017)

The MT 500 2017 is the list of the 500 best companies in the Netherlands. Below is the top 50, the real elite of Dutch business.

The list is divided on the basis of the opinion of ‘peers’, managers and directors from the same sector.

The MT500 is the annual report of an investigation into the image of Dutch companies among managers, decision makers and managers.

The research was carried out this year for the seventeenth time. It took place in December 2016.

Just like in the past two years, we worked together with INSCOPE Research, a knowledge company of Erasmus University Rotterdam. INSCOPE was responsible for the design and execution of the research.

We were able to benefit from, among other things, the knowledge of Professor of Strategic Management Henk Volberda. Characteristic of the approach of the MT500 is the peer-to-peer assessment: respondents only pass judgment on companies that are active in their own sector. (source)