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    • European Commission document warns of effects of no-deal Brexit July 20, 2018
      The European Commission yesterday published a briefing on preparations for a no deal Brexit. It notes that “in the absence of an agreement on a withdrawal agreement…there will be no transition period and EU law will cease to apply to and in the United Kingdom as of 30 March 2019.” It warns that under this […]
    • Government’s Brexit White Paper will be the basis for negotiations with the EU, says May July 19, 2018
      Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday defended the Government's Brexit plans in the House of Commons, saying, "We are negotiating with the EU on the basis of the Chequers agreement and the White Paper and those discussions have been started this week." Elsewhere, giving evidence to the Liaison Committee, May said that she continues to believe […]
    • There is no majority in the Commons for any single Brexit option July 18, 2018
      Following the Government's narrow victory on a crucial amendment to the Trade Bill, Open Europe's Henry Newman was on the BBC News’ Beyond 100 Days programme on 17 July to discuss the divisions over Brexit in Parliament. He appeared alongside the Spectator's political correspondent Katy Balls. The post There is no majority in the Commons […]
    • Government avoids defeat on Trade Bill amendment to seek a UK-EU customs union July 18, 2018
      The government yesterday avoided defeat on a key customs union amendment to the Trade Bill by 307 to 301. The amendment, tabled by Conservative MP Stephen Hammond, would have forced the government to negotiate to stay in a customs union with the EU if agreement for a UK-EU free trade area had not been achieved […]
    • Government narrowly avoids defeat on key customs amendments July 17, 2018
      The government yesterday narrowly avoided defeat on two amendments to its Taxation (Cross-Border Trade) Bill. It faced a backlash from Remain-supporting MPs after accepting amendments tabled by Brexit-supporting Conservative MPs that could make it difficult to secure its preferred customs agreement with the EU. An amendment to prevent the UK from collecting duties on behalf […]
    • The Brexit White Paper offers a compromise approach for negotiations, but seems to have little support in Parliament July 16, 2018
      The government's Brexit White Paper presents a compromise plan that could move negotiations forward. However, the proposal has faced a very rough landing domestically. The post The Brexit White Paper offers a compromise approach for negotiations, but seems to have little support in Parliament appeared first on Open Europe.
    • May: “We need to come together” behind Government’s Brexit plan July 16, 2018
      Calling MPS and the public to support the Government's Brexit plan published in a White Paper last week, Prime Minister Theresa May wrote in the Mail on Sunday, “I am yet to see a workable alternative future trading arrangement that would deliver on our commitments to Northern Ireland, preserve the constitutional integrity of the UK […]
    • The Chequers Brexit plan has been a profound compromise for the Government July 13, 2018
      Open Europe’s Director Henry Newman gave evidence to the House of Commons’ Exiting the European Union Committee on July 11. Below is a brief summary of the session.The post The Chequers Brexit plan has been a profound compromise for the Government appeared first on Open Europe.
    • Government publishes White Paper on future UK-EU relationship July 13, 2018
      The UK government yesterday published its White Paper on its future relationship with the EU, setting out plans for a UK-EU free trade area for goods, and greater divergence in services, abandoning the idea of mutual recognition in financial services. It also provided more detail on the “Facilitated Customs Arrangement” proposal, which would be “phased […]
    • May: Chequers Brexit plan is “the best outcome” for the UK and the EU July 12, 2018
      In an op-ed for the Sun, Prime Minister Theresa May writes that the Government’s Brexit plan agreed at Chequers, which will be published in a White Paper today, will "mean an end to freedom of movement" and will allow the UK to sign its own trade deals and to be outside of the jurisdiction of the […]

Top Dutch companies and multinationals

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MT500 (2017)

The MT 500 2017 is the list of the 500 best companies in the Netherlands. Below is the top 50, the real elite of Dutch business.

The list is divided on the basis of the opinion of ‘peers’, managers and directors from the same sector.

The MT500 is the annual report of an investigation into the image of Dutch companies among managers, decision makers and managers.

The research was carried out this year for the seventeenth time. It took place in December 2016.

Just like in the past two years, we worked together with INSCOPE Research, a knowledge company of Erasmus University Rotterdam. INSCOPE was responsible for the design and execution of the research.

We were able to benefit from, among other things, the knowledge of Professor of Strategic Management Henk Volberda. Characteristic of the approach of the MT500 is the peer-to-peer assessment: respondents only pass judgment on companies that are active in their own sector. (source)