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    • Rising European nationalism and EU elections April 18, 2019
      Open Europe's Anna Nadibaidze appears on TRT World's Roundtable programme to discuss the rise of Eurosceptic parties and their influence on European Parliament elections. The post Rising European nationalism and EU elections appeared first on Open Europe.
    • New poll puts Brexit Party in lead for European Parliament elections April 18, 2019
      A new poll by YouGov puts the new Brexit Party led by Nigel Farage in first place for the European Parliament elections, which are due to go ahead in the UK on 23 May if the Withdrawal Agreement has not been ratified. The poll, conducted between 15 and 16 April in Great Britain, shows the […]
    • European Elections in France: Macron leads the polls, but Euroscepticism is rife April 17, 2019
      Open Europe's Jacob Osborne examines recent political developments in France ahead of the upcoming European elections.The post European Elections in France: Macron leads the polls, but Euroscepticism is rife appeared first on Open Europe.
    • European Parliament Brexit coordinator criticises Article 50 Extension April 17, 2019
      The European Parliament Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt told MEPs yesterday that a six-month extension to Article 50 is "too near for a substantial rethink of Brexit and at the same time too far away to prompt any action," adding, “My fear is that with this decision, the pressure to come to a cross-party agreement disappears.” […]
    • How did the Brexit process unfold? April 16, 2019
      Open Europe's Dominic Walsh features in Global News Canada's explainer of the Brexit process.The post How did the Brexit process unfold? appeared first on Open Europe.
    • Donald Tusk: UK MEPs retain full rights and obligations during extension April 16, 2019
      European Council Donald Tusk told the European Parliament this morning, "One of the consequences of our decision is that the UK will hold European elections next month. We should approach this seriously, as UK members of the European Parliament will be there for several months, maybe longer. They will be full members of the Parliament, […]
    • Government and Labour “testing” Brexit proposals as talks continue April 15, 2019
      Minister for Cabinet Office David Lidington yesterday told BBC’s Andrew Marr show that talks between the Government and the Labour Party will “certainly continue next week” but they will “not last for months,” as both sides are “testing” each other’s proposals to solve the Brexit impasse. He explained, "What we have found in terms of […]
    • European elections: Greens most likely to capitalise on increasing German political division April 12, 2019
      Open Europe’s Zoe Alipranti argues that European elections in Germany are likely to reflect an increasingly fragmented political system, highlighting the problems facing the SPD, the consolidation of the Eurosceptic AfD and the rise of the Greens. The post European elections: Greens most likely to capitalise on increasing German political division appeared first on Open […]
    • Even after the extension, Brexit options remain the same April 12, 2019
      Open Europe's David Shiels discusses Brexit developments on RTE News Prime Time programme on 11 April.The post Even after the extension, Brexit options remain the same appeared first on Open Europe.
    • Theresa May: date of UK’s departure from the EU remains a decision for Parliament April 12, 2019
      In a statement in the House of Commons yesterday, the Prime Minister Theresa May defended her decision to agree to an extension of Article 50 to 31 October. She told MPs she had won assurances that the UK could leave earlier if it passed a deal, saying, “For example, if we were to pass a […]

Dental Marketing Today

Dental marketing today is much different than it was in the past when a dentist merely had to hang a sign outside to indicate that a dentist practiced in this place and that patients who were in need of dental care could go. Marketing for dentist practices today is a lot more specialized as many dentists offer a wide array of services. While they still take care of teeth as they did in the past, they do so in a different environment with advanced technology. The fears that people had in the past concerning the dentist can now be eliminated as many dentists concentrate on making patients feel as comfortable as possible when they are undergoing any type of dental treatment.

It is important for dental marketing to take the fears away from patients as a great deal of them are still thinking in the past when it comes to visiting the dentist and fearing the sound of the drill. Because technology in this field has advanced so much in the past years, it is important for any marketing for dentist practices to focus in a pain free environment.

Most of the dentists know about fears people have and seek a way to calm them. They have innovative tools that can be used and offices that are calming for patients of all ages. This is something that the public needs to be aware of when they visit the dentist. A good dentist will make sure that they not only do good things for their patients, such as invest in technology that will make it pain free for them as well as calming, but that the public knows about this effort that the dentist is making. If the public does not know about the innovations to the practice, they may choose a dentist who does discuss it in their marketing plan.

Everyone who is in any sort of business needs to have a good marketing plan so that they can compete in the market. This is also true for professionals such as dentists. There is a lot more to pain free dental care today than just a shot of Novocain to relieve the pain. There is also twilight sleep that can make it pain free for someone to undergo even a root canal. A dentist has to seize upon any opportunity to let the public know just what they can do for them. This makes them stand out among all of the dentists and gives them a chance to expand their practice as they continue to take on new patients.

A successful dental practice is one that is continuing to grow as well as taking advantage of the innovations and new technology that is offered today in the dental field. Dentists can use companies that are well aware of how to market for dentists in order to spread the word about what they can do for those in the public, especially those in the areas that surround their practice. After all, if people do not know what the dentist can do or anything about their practice, they are more likely to go to a dentist that gives them a glimpse as to the services that they can perform through a savvy marketing plan.

Dentists today need a fresh Marketing for dentist practice plan in order to continue to attract patients and grow their practice. More about Dental Marketing can be found at Creative IQ Consulting.


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