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    • EU talks with Valvena could secure 60m vaccines January 17, 2021
      The European Commission concluded exploratory talks with the French biotech company Valneva Tuesday, with a view to purchasing its potential vaccine against COVID-19, manufactured in Scotland.
    • EIB announces EUR 300m investment in space January 17, 2021
      The European Investment Fund and the EU Commission announced investment of some EUR 300 million into the European space sector Wednesday, supporting ground-breaking innovation in the industry.
    • EU steps up WTO complaint over Indonesia steel January 17, 2021
      The EU on Friday requested the establishment of a WTO panel to seek the elimination of unlawful export restrictions imposed by Indonesia on raw materials necessary for the production of stainless steel.
    • Brussels consults on EU targets to restore Europe's biodiversity January 13, 2021
      The EU Commission made a bid Monday to restore Europe's damaged ecosystems and help tackle climate change, as it launched a public consultation on legally binding nature restoration targets for the EU.
    • EU clears 'safe and effective' Moderna vaccine against COVID-19 January 11, 2021
      The EU Commission granted conditional marketing authorisation for the COVID-19 vaccine developed by US firm Moderna Wednesday, making it the second COVID-19 vaccine authorised in the Union.
    • EU-China reach agreement on investment January 11, 2021
      Following intensive negotiations carried out by the European Commission, the EU and China concluded in principle at the end of 2020 negotiations for a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.
    • EUR 20m to help European SMEs maximise IP assets January 11, 2021
      As of Monday, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) were able to apply for financing under a EUR 20 million grant scheme to help EU companies to make better use of intellectual property rights.
    • Portuguese EU presidency aims for green recovery January 6, 2021
      Portugal took over the European Union's presidency on 1 January, promising to lead the EU out of the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic under the motto of a "fair, green and digital recovery".
    • EU-UK agree historic trade deal January 4, 2021
      Four and a half years after the 2016 Brexit referendum, the British Government and the EU Commission agreed Thursday a historic trade and security deal as part of the UK's future cooperation with the EU.
    • Brussels sets out recommendations for sustainable farming January 4, 2021
      The EU Commission published recommendations Friday for each EU Member State to assist in the drafting of their Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) strategic plans, accompanied by a Communication.

Solve Tablet Issues with Trusted Tablet Repair Services

Even if we attempt to protect our mobile devices, such as the iPad tablet, as best as we can on-the-go, accidents will happen, causing the device to stop working. As annoying as this might be, having a device back up and running like new is often as simple as visiting a tablet repair shop. However, this might cost a small amount to repair, depending on the extent of damage, this would still be less expensive than buying a brand new machine.

If you are left with a non-responsive tablet and find yourself needing to use tablet repair services, then it is perhaps because of one of these main reasons- a cracked LCD panel, power issue, liquid damage, non-functioning buttons, or software related issues. Tablet repair isn’t a service that can be looked at carelessly Giving an expensive device, such as the iPad, into the wrong hands may further cause you trouble. Doing a bit of research upfront is always recommended to avoid possible problems later on.

Here are some traits to look for in a certified tablet repair facility:

Certified And Qualified Technician

One of the first qualities to seek is that your tablet device will be repaired by a certified and qualified technician. Make sure that the chosen tablet repair service employs certified tech that are able to perform an in-depth diagnostics on the tablet and to complete any repair in a professional and timely manner. The more experienced a company is with undertaking a repair, the more positive you can be that the repair will be done perfect. Also, look for signs of high quality customer service, search online to check out user reviews or comments.

Quick Turn Around Repair

An ability to offer a quick turn around in relation to diagnosing the issue and completing a fix is also highly desirable. Though, it relies on the extent of damage, in most cases a tablet can be fixed within the day. Most of the professional tablet repair services should be able to indicate upfront how long a repair should take.

Choice of Repair Options

A choice of repair options is crucial for those with a busy schedule and without much free-time to spare. If leading a hectic life, you might prefer to use a mail-in service rather than to visit a local repair shop in person. Choosing a service with a range of service options provides the most flexibility in when and how to get the device fixed. Also, an option to call a technician might be possible; this path would be perfect for someone with mobility issues.

Competitive pricing is a must, although this shouldn’t be a specific reason for choosing a tablet repair service. Also, take into account the first three points mentioned above to ensure you are receiving an all-round package that will offer the best possible service.

Tablet Repairs offer tablets and iPads repairing services in bulk for business, school, and institutions.

tablet repair services

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