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Snapchat Adds New Animated 3D Bitmoji to World Lenses Feature

Snapchat is adding 3D Bitmoji to its World Lenses feature, allowing you to introduce animated avatars to your locale as you see fit. Snapchat Bitmoji The 3D Bitmoji animations are based directly on models you’ve already created using the Snapchat app. The new 3D Bitmoji option will appear in the rear camera Lens options within… read more »

Google’s New Tool Turns Data Into Professional Animated GIFs

As information gets more tangled by the day, data visualization has stepped in to make it less baffling. As the world’s chief information honcho, Google has taken note and launched an online tool that converts raw data into animated GIFs. The Data GIF Maker is a search trend analysis tool from Google News Lab and is… read more »

The 11 Best Animated Movies You Can Download Off Netflix

For long-time Netflix subscribers, the company’s recent announcement regarding downloads made for a welcome early Christmas gift. Yes, the video streaming service is now allowing users to download content to watch offline later. Finally! For parents, this news is super-sweet, especially around the holidays when kids can get easily bored, whether at home or on the… read more »

How to Use an Animated GIF as Your Desktop Wallpaper With Rainmeter

GIFs are the lifeblood of the internet. Rarely does an online feed not contain several (hundred) funny, informative, or adorable GIFs. Did you know that you could bring your love of GIFs to your desktop? Using the popular Windows program Rainmeter, you can place as many GIFs on your desktop as you desire. Here’s What You’ll… read more »