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The First Bitcoin Was Mined 9 Years Ago Today

On January 3, 2009, a person by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first Bitcoin. It was easy to mine, was worthless, and contained a hidden message. Nine years on and Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency everyone’s heard of, and each one is (at the time of writing) worth a small fortune. For the uninitiated… read more »

8 Bitcoin News Sites Every Cryptocurrency Fan Should Read

“Bitcoin” was one of the most popular search terms on Google during 2017. According to the company’s own data, it was the second most-searched-for news topic of the year. Indeed, 2017 was undoubtedly year that the cryptocurrency came of age. Back in January, one Bitcoin was worth approximately $ 1,000 USD. By December, it had… read more »

What Are the Differences Between Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Over the course of 2017, the price of 1 Bitcoin shot up from $ 963 to $ 19,694. Similarly, the price of 1 Ethereum shot up from $ 8 to $ 747. People are going crazy over these two cryptocurrencies, and you may be tempted to join in yourself. But aren’t cryptocurrencies just virtual money?… read more »

Bitcoin Explained: Should You Buy It Right Now?

Do you follow Bitcoin? At the start of December, the price of the cryptocurrency rocketed up to over $ 19,000 per coin. Early investors with nerves of steel now have portfolios worth thousands, if not millions of dollars. But the question on everyone’s lips is this: is it too late for me to invest in… read more »

Why You Should Keep Your Bitcoin in Cold Storage

If you’re entering the world of cryptocurrency, there is one major thing you need to brush up on. It isn’t your trading skills (though that can help). No, it is your security. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are kept in wallets, just like your regular cash. Except these are digital wallets, stored on your computer…. read more »

What Is a Bitcoin Fork and What Happens Afterwards?

The modern internet is viewed in some circles as a corporate corruption of the principles that the platform was founded on. Openness and freedom have given way to censorship and restriction. The ongoing debate about Net Neutrality is just one example of this existential crisis. To some, Bitcoin, the blockchain based cryptocurrency, was a return… read more »

Is There Ever a Safe Time to Invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum?

No. There will always be a measure of risk when “investing” in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other form of cryptocurrency. However, that risk can be managed. In this article, we’ll cover the fundamental points you need to know in order to make a risk-managed investment in cryptocurrency. However, do NOT mistake “risk-managed” for “safe” because… read more »

What Do You Know About

What Do You Know About Bitcoin Shop Inc (OTCMKTS:BTCS) Bitcoin Shop Inc (OTCMKTS:BTCS) continues to trade near $ 0.10 support levels in recent weeks on moderate volume. The stock saw a huge move in the first few months of this year running from $ 0.0681 low’s to highs of $ 0.375. BTCS is in the… read more »