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Better Than iCloud? 6 Superior Cloud Services for Apple Users

“Apple sucks at online services” is a common complaint around these parts of the internet, and it’s kind of true. Apple creates awesome hardware and software but when you throw internet services and the cloud into the mix, the company’s rigid approach to product development actually works against it. In some ways, the things that make Apple such a… read more »

Google Cloud Print and Alternatives for Printing On-the-Go

We use a lot of paper. The average American uses 700 pounds of paper per year, and global consumption stands at around 210 million tons per annum. Given we rely on paper so much (and we now live in a world driven by mobile technology), it’s important to know how to print documents while you’re… read more »

5 Tools to Sync & Auto-Upload Photos from Android to Cloud Storage

If your phone was destroyed right now, what would happen to your photos? Would they be lost forever? Our phones can store years of memories, but they’re also notoriously fragile. One accidental drop in the toilet, one wrong fall on the pavement, one lost or stolen phone, and all those memories disappear in an instant. Don’t… read more »

Special Price Drop – $29 For 1TB of Cloud Storage

Today only, snag 500GB of instant storage and 500GB of cold storage for $ 29. That’s not $ 29 a month, or even $ 29 a year. It’s $ 29 for life! Buy: Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage: Lifetime Solution Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage Features When it comes to discounts on cloud storage, this is one of… read more »

Get 1TB of Cloud Storage, a VPN, and More Web Service Deals

We live in a time where software is almost completely unnecessary. Instead, just about everything you could ever want to do is available as a web service. Over at MakeUseOf Deals, there are some awesome discounts on services like VPNs, cloud storage, password managers, and much more. Today, we’re going to look at 3 awesome… read more »

Don’t Lose Your Stuff – Get 1TB of Cloud Storage For Life

Have you checked the weather today? Reports indicate that it’ll be a little cloudy! Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage: Lifetime Solution ($ 39) When it comes to discounts on cloud storage, this is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen. You’re going to get 1 TB of storage for life at the cost of $ 39. That’s an… read more »

How to Search ALL Your Cloud Accounts Using One Service

If you’re anything like me, you have files scattered across four or five different cloud accounts and can never remember where you’ve saved the one file you’re looking for. Rather than waste time searching each account individually, there are several ways you can search several platforms at once. Meta is one recent option that brings together some… read more »

Check Out These 4 Discounted Cloud Storage and Backup Services

Make sure you never lose your files to a devastating PC implosion again. Today, we’re featuring 4 deals on Cloud storage and backup solutions that’ll keep your files safe and secure! Droplr Pro: Lifetime License ($ 29.99, 98% Off) Droplr Pro is all about sharing files between team members. You just need to drag and drop… read more »