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5 New Productivity Apps to Manage Your To-Do List and Get Things Done

The best productivity app will always be whatever works for you. So if you haven’t found your ideal version yet, keep checking out new ones like these five new apps. One of these might just make you more productive than ever before. Apps are all about productivity methods, from simple task lists to time-tracking techniques…. read more »

How Many Types of Selfies Have You Done?

Remember when you had to take a picture of yourself with a film camera and then wait until you used the rest of the film roll to see how it came out? No? Well that’s because taking selfies wasn’t super common before the rise of smartphones. They sure are popular now, though! And it’s not… read more »

7 Features I Wish Windows 10 Had (Done Right)

Windows 10 is a great operating system, but there’s no doubt that it’s imperfect. Whether it’s features that are missing entirely, or existing ones which need improving, there’s still work for Microsoft to do on this ever-evolving platform. From forced updates to a confusing user interface, parental controls to data mining, these are all the… read more »