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5 Free SoundCloud Apps to Stream, Discover, or Download Music

SoundCloud is as good as YouTube for music. With the right apps, it’s even better. Here are five free app suggestions you will want to listen to. Read the full article: 5 Free SoundCloud Apps to Stream, Discover, or Download Music MakeUseOf

How to Download Your Flickr Photos at Their Original Resolutions

Whether you’ve decided it’s time to bail on Flickr and no longer want to use the service or it’s the only place you’ve saved some of your photos, backing up your Flickr photos couldn’t be easier. Whether using native Flickr tools or a third-party app, you can download the photos you’ve uploaded at their original resolutions. Download… read more »

How to Extract & Download Multiple Email Attachments in Bulk

It’s very quick and easy to share files via email. However, it isn’t ideal to use your email as permanent file storage, especially because that data could get lost or cause you to exceed storage limits. We’re going to show you how to bulk download all of your email attachments. We can collect together all… read more »

How to Download Photos From Your Camera With Adobe Bridge

You’ve probably been there before: cables all over the place, trying to install OEM software, and painstakingly crafting a folder sub-structure. All that effort just to import your photos from your camera to your computer. It’s a pain. What if there was a better way to bridge the gap between your camera and Photoshop, while also… read more »

How to Optimize Steam’s Download Speeds in Windows 10

Every now and then Steam releases games for peanuts, like during their annual summer sales. A Steam purchase, however, is only half the battle. You’ll have to download these games too, which can be a herculean task after a buying binge. Moreover, if you have a poor internet connection you can find yourself downloading for… read more »

$1000+ Worth of 3D and VR Plugins Available for Free Download Now

3D and VR plugin developer Tim Dashwood is joining Apple and has since made all of his 3D and 360 VR plugins completely free. Compatible with Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Motion — the available plugins, once worth over $ 1,000, can be downloaded for free from FxFactory. The set of plugins include: 360VR Toolbox —… read more »

You Can Now Download Netflix Content on Windows 10

In November 2016, Netflix introduced the option to download content to watch offline. So you no longer need an internet connection to watch Netflix. Unfortunately, this was only available on Android and iOS. However, five months on and Netflix is adding the option to Windows 10 too. Netflix is one of the best streaming services… read more »

5 Interesting New Photo Viewing and Editing Apps to Download

Here are five new image editing apps do most things right. They can be a serious challenge to the popular software like Photoshop and IrfanView. Read the full article: 5 Interesting New Photo Viewing and Editing Apps to Download MakeUseOf

The 11 Best Animated Movies You Can Download Off Netflix

For long-time Netflix subscribers, the company’s recent announcement regarding downloads made for a welcome early Christmas gift. Yes, the video streaming service is now allowing users to download content to watch offline later. Finally! For parents, this news is super-sweet, especially around the holidays when kids can get easily bored, whether at home or on the… read more »