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How to Recover Data From a Corrupt Memory Card or USB Drive

We keep a lot of data on memory cards and USB drives. Often, you might even use a high-capacity USB drive as your primary way of creating backups. When something goes wrong with them, it’s hard not to feel a sense of dread. Is that photo of your dog falling in the swimming pool gone… read more »

How to Back Up Your Hard Drive to Google Drive

Data backup is one of the most important aspects of modern computing. How would you feel if you lost a lifetime of photos, all your treasured videos, every important document you own, and your entire media collection just because your hard drive died? Of course, you might get lucky and be able to salvage some… read more »

How to Use a USB Jump Drive Like a Super Geek: Create a Tech Toolkit

Don’t let your spare USB drives go to waste! Use them to prepare for disaster and turn them into toolkits that might one day save your neck. USB jump drives are a dying breed. As the process of transferring data becomes increasingly wireless, many are left with underutilized USB drives crammed into drawers. That is,… read more »

Google Drive Will Now Backup and Sync Your Files

Google is replacing Google Drive for PC and Mac with a new tool that it calls Backup and Sync. This new version of Google Drive will be a much more robust tool, allowing you to backup and sync all of your files and folders. That is if you have enough space left in your Google… read more »

Create a Virtual Machine Clone of Your Existing Windows Hard Drive

Virtualization allows one operating system (OS) to run on another OS. But did you know that a Virtual Machine (VM) clone of your hard drive can put your entire computer inside of another computer? With VMs, the possibilities are endless. For most people, though, virtualization enables playing older games using emulation, the ability to sandbox,… read more »

How to Create a Bootable USB Drive from Your Windows CD

Do you have a Windows CD or DVD, but can’t use your optical drive to install the operating system (OS) on your new computer? Or maybe you’re concerned about CD/DVD rot and just want to create a backup. Instead of a disc, you can use a USB drive to install Windows. Flash drives are smaller,… read more »

How to Disconnect and Uninstall Google Drive From Your PC

My journey across cloud storage services has been wild and hectic over the past few years, and I can confidently say that two of them sit above the rest in terms of usability and value: Dropbox and Google Drive. Between the two, I prefer Dropbox because it’s so hands-free. My point is, maybe you have… read more »

You Can Now Use an External Hard Drive on Your PS4

Sony is finally bringing support for external hard drives to the PlayStation 4. With the next software update, PS4 owners will be able to download, install, and access games on an external hard drive. And about time too, as Xbox One owners have been able to do this for a while. Most PlayStation 4 owners… read more »