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Forget the iPhone X, the Apple Watch Series 3 is the Future

While everyone’s fawning over the edge-to-edge display and facial recognition features on the iPhone X, I’m more interested in the battle for my wrist. The Apple Watch might not share the same must-have appeal of the latest smartphone, but it’s still the world’s most successful product of its kind. This puts Apple in a strong position to… read more »

Google Home’s Voice Controls: The Future of Home Shopping?

When you think of a digital assistant that’s ready to help you with all your shopping needs, Amazon Echo is probably the first device that springs to mind. But there’s another smart home aide in town, and it’s also ready to get some items shipped straight to your door. Google Home is branching out beyond… read more »

Samsung SmartThings: The Future of Smart Homes?

You might be interested in smart home technology, but with so many options, where do you begin? Do you want smart central heating to save on your heating bill? How about smart lights to save on your energy bill? And what about those smart kettles and fridges — are they really necessary in a smart… read more »

Your Future Starts Now! Enter a New Tech Career With These Courses

Have you ever thought about jumping into a new career, perhaps one in the tech field? Well, right now, you can get a bunch of course bundles on MakeUseOf Deals for quite cheap. You can get into Machine Learning, Ethical Hacking, Deep Learning and AI, Front End Development, and DevOps. To make getting these courses even better,… read more »

This Website Knows Everything About You (Even Your Future)

We all share way too much information on the web. If you think you’re the exception, you may be surprised by the mistakes you’re making. Oversharing is generally harmless… until it’s not. What’s even scarier is the rapid pace at which technology is advancing. Did you know that there exists a website that can take… read more »

Future Smart Home Trends and the Products You’ll Be Using

The smart home industry in 2016 looks much different than it did only five years ago when Nest introduced its first-generation smart thermostat. No doubt, the industry will change again half a decade from now. It’s time to jump into your time machine. You’re about to uncover what could be the biggest trends in the… read more »

6 Reasons Why Biometrics Are NOT the Way of the Future

For decades, biometrics were seen as futuristic and impractical. Only over the past decade or so has technology caught up to fantasy, bringing down the cost to a point where we can realistically start using biometric identification in everyday life. Apple has a track record of bringing new technologies to the mainstream, so it wasn’t… read more »

5 Fascinating Google Maps for Surviving Future Disasters

If you spend some time reading news curation apps, one thing becomes clear very quickly. These days, there’s a lot of bad news. From terrorist attacks to natural disasters, it seems like doomsday is just around the corner. It makes you wonder, how good are your survival chances in case of a big event? If… read more »

How ‘Smart’ Will Your Home be in the Near Future?

It seems like smart homes aren’t going anywhere. What started as trend on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter as a bunch of cool ideas has made its way into the mainstream in a big way. You can walk into any major retailer and find connected doorbells, smart light bulbs, and all kinds of other devices that… read more »