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10 Online Tools to Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Christmas always comes and goes. Before you know it, the calendar will be showing January 1st. That time of the year for new resolutions and fresh promises. After the chocolate-based sugar high has worn off and the turkey is no more than a pile of discarded bones, you’ll be left looking at an empty year ahead. It’s full… read more »

Google Wants to Help You Find Your Dream Job

Google is making Google for Jobs even better, adding salary information, the option to customize location, the option to choose which job site you apply through, and the ability to save individual jobs in which you’re interested. Making it easier than ever to switch careers. In June 2017, Google launched Google for Jobs, a dedicated… read more »

5 Virtual Stock Market Games That Help You Learn How to Invest

Dipping your toe in stock markets for the first time is intimidating, even for those of us who consider ourselves financially savvy. But other than paying a financial specialist for advice, what other options are available? Luckily, there are a variety of stock market games and simulators available for users to get a feel for the… read more »

9 Apps That Help You Get More Out of Your Android Camera

Would you like to take better selfies in low light conditions? Do you want to be more creative with your camera phone? Are you ready to replace your DSLR with an Android device? Whatever you’re looking to do, there’s an app to help. Here’s our pick of the best apps that will add new features… read more »

Tinder Reactions Help You Respond to Creeps

Tinder has launched what it calls Reactions. These are little animated responses you can send to someone on Tinder in lieu of actual words. Reactions aren’t meant to replace the need to converse with a potential date, but they offer a quick way of reacting to what they’re saying and doing. More and more people… read more »

How to Survive a Day at College With Help From Spotify

College life can be difficult and frustrating at times. Whether it’s the early morning starts, the endless piles of homework, or trying to concentrate on work while life gets in the way. Thankfully, we have got just the right medicine for you: Spotify. Can Spotify Help Me at College? It can and it will. Music… read more »

7 Awesome Idea Generators to Help Your Brainstorming

What do you do when you want to come up with a fresh idea? Whether it’s for a short story, piece of artwork, informative article, or even a business startup, it’s not always easy. Instead of racking your brain and struggling for that perfect concept or thought, get a little help from the web. These… read more »

This Fun Photo Challenge Site Has Mentors Who Help You Improve

Photography challenges aren’t just good for awards. They’re wonderful for boosting your confidence. Try one some time. You may not go home with a prize, but even a few polite Likes on your photo will reinforce that you are a worthy shutterbug. You didn’t waste your time or money buying that expensive Canon. And GuruShots is just the… read more »