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Do You Know 2017’s New Internet Scams?

Cybercriminals never really tire of the tried-and-tested scams; however, they advance their techniques and try out new iterations of classic scams. They must, in order to stay ahead of the numerous warnings issues by security companies and sites. Millions are tricked every year, and the scams of 2017 will live on into 2018 and beyond…. read more »

Don’t Waste Your Internet! 5 Tools to Limit Bandwidth

Limiting bandwidth on your computer will stop your data being wasted on things you don’t want. It’s very helpful for those who have a specific data limit and can help you avoid being overcharged. We’re going to show you tools to help you limit your bandwidth. Windows has a built-in method to limit bandwidth, but… read more »

5 New Ways to Learn History on the Internet

If you want to understand any place or any people in the world, you need to understand the history of that land. History can be boring though, especially if it’s not told right. And that’s where these five apps and storytellers differ. No one dislikes history. You can only dislike the way we were taught… read more »

Cable vs. Fiber Internet: Which One Is Better?

So you’ve just moved into a new neighborhood and, depending on where you are, you have an important choice to make. You don’t want 56K dial-up because it’s far too slow for the modern web. Satellite internet is currently too expensive and problematic, mainly suffering from high latency and limited practical usage. You could get… read more »