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How to Set Up a Minecraft Server on Your Raspberry Pi

Want to play Minecraft on your own terms? Set up your own server, create your own worlds, perhaps build in them with friends and family? It’s remarkable, but true: you can do all of this on a Raspberry Pi. My son is a big fan of Minecraft, and is always wanting me to play along… read more »

Minecraft Is Set to Start Costing You More Money

Microsoft is launching the Minecraft Marketplace, where creators will be able to sell their wares for real money. Minecraft creators can rejoice at the new opportunity to make money, but parents with children should prepare to be incessantly begged for more Minecraft Coins. Minecraft is a phenomenon at this point. Millions of people of all… read more »

You Can Now Play Minecraft on Apple TV

Mojang has ported Minecraft to tvOS, which means you can now play the insanely popular sandbox game on your Apple TV. Minecraft has arrived on Apple TV just in time for the holidays, so kids (both big and small) can spend their downtime playing Minecraft on yet another platform. Minecraft arrives on what Mojang is… read more »

How to Create and Install Custom Minecraft Textures

Minecraft never ceases to amaze me. The game entertains millions of users daily with its simple interface and cubic graphics. This is due, in large part, to its active modding community. Minecraft’s modding community has given the original game a world of new possibilities. For instance, did you know you can change the look of… read more »