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3 Best Cheap Linux Laptops to Save Money

Linux often gets associated with being cheap. It’s a bit unfair, but it’s true that you can save some big bucks if you buy a computer with a free operating system. So how inexpensive can you go? Check out these best cheap Linux laptops to save money. Yes, you can install Linux on just about… read more »

Paribus Can Save You Money When Shopping Online

Have you ever made a purchase online and found that the item went on sale just days later? This is frustrating, because if you had waited, you could have saved money. But did you know that many stores offer a price guarantee? This means that if a product you buy drops in price shortly after… read more »

Patreon Forces Patrons to Pay More Money

Patreon is changing the way it charges fees, which is causing confusion and consternation amongst creators and their patrons. The new fees mean creators will get a higher percentage of the money pledged. However, patrons will be paying the difference, risking the business model. For the uninitiated, Patreon is a crowdfunding platform connecting content creators… read more »

What Is a Cryptocurrency ICO and Can You Make Money?

Bitcoin was first conceived by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2009, but it leapt into the mainstream in 2017. In the twelve month period from November 2016, the value of a single Bitcoin rocketed from $ 710 to $ 7365. Bitcoin is far from the only digital currency, or application of the underlying blockchain though. Other… read more »

Start Hosting These Popular Web Apps Yourself to Save Money

If you’re a tech enthusiast of a certain age, you can still recall the following: “Wait, I can check my email in a browser?” We’ve been enjoying the benefits of web-based applications for many years now, and they’ve only grown more sophisticated over time. But as our lives have migrated online, it has raised many… read more »

What Amazon Hides: 5 Apps to Show Deals and Discounts to Save Money

Amazon is where we usually spend our money, so that’s where we should most look to save it. But did you know that there are plenty of deals and discounts that Amazon doesn’t easily disclose? Here’s how to find them all. This isn’t about promotional codes and coupons. Amazon has several initiatives that help the… read more »

How to Avoid Tolls and Save Money With This Google Maps Feature

Saving money while traveling is like the holy grail. If you haven’t already, check out our tricks for finding cheap flights and our list of the best hotel search engines. But what about driving? Being behind the wheel is already expensive enough. With the cost of gas marching upwards and road tax and car insurance eating… read more »

You Can Now Send Money to Friends Using Skype

It’s getting easier than ever to send money to friends. Or, even better, to receive money from friends. And now, thanks to Skype and PayPal teaming up together, you can now send and receive money in the middle of a Skype conversation without having to switch apps or open your browser. Microsoft recently gave Skype… read more »