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Name Your Price: Learn to Build Mobile Apps for Every Platform

While desktop apps will always be popular, mobile platforms are where growth is happening. With the Mobile Cross Platform Development Bundle, you learn to create brilliant apps for iOS, Android and other platforms. It includes nine courses and 106 hours of instruction, and you can name your price on the bundle now via MakeUseOf Deals…. read more »

How to Record System Audio on Any Platform

You probably play all kinds of audio from your computer, but have you ever had the need to record it? While it might sound useless, there are several good reasons to record the sound coming out of your machine. Perhaps you’d like to add sound to your podcast, or want to record a screencast that includes… read more »

5 Best Auto-Saving Notepad Apps for Every Platform

Sometimes all you need is a simple notepad. But one that is fast and auto-saves whatever you type. These are the best note-taking apps for various platforms. Read the full article: 5 Best Auto-Saving Notepad Apps for Every Platform MakeUseOf

How to Access Your Microsoft Outlook Email From Any Platform

You can access your Microsoft Outlook email in many different ways. That means you can stay up to date, send messages from anywhere, and never miss an important email. Here we have compiled all the different avenues that will lead you to your Microsoft Outlook emails. Hopping Onto the Web on the web provides… read more »