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How to Use Git Branches to Structure Your Programming Project

Movies and television portray programming as a frantic activity. A bomb’s timer counts down, and the nerdy sidekick who was a burden up until that point works feverishly on a laptop. Code flies across the screen until she hits the final return key with a satisfying clack! The timer stops, and all is right in the… read more »

Use the Waterfall Project Management Method to Organize Your Life

The tools we typically use for managing personal projects have a major drawback. To-do lists and their variations (like Kanban boards) are fine to track what should be done and (maybe) who should do it. But they aren’t as good at planning out the when. This is the domain of business-oriented tools, such as the… read more »

The Best Raspberry Pi Kits for Your First Project

Planning on a Raspberry Pi-based project? You’ll need more than just the low-cost computer, but what else? To help you out, various companies have put together Raspberry Pi kits, each suitable for particular tasks and projects. Let’s take a look at what’s available, and which kits will suit you project. Why Buy a Raspberry Pi… read more »

How to Use Outlook for Simple Task and Project Management

If you’re working on a small project, as a freelancer, or in a company with few employees, Outlook 2016 can help you manage your projects and tasks without the need for hefty software. With simple customizations to the task section, you can set reminders and due dates, assign to-dos, and track time easily. Why Use Outlook for… read more »

The Best Free PowerPoint Templates for Your Project Presentation

Whether your project is in the planning phase or already underway, presenting it in an elegant fashion is easy with Microsoft PowerPoint slides. We have compiled a collection of useful templates that allow you to quickly enter your details and show off your project in a visually stimulating way. Note that if you are using PowerPoint 2016, you… read more »

3 Things to Consider Before Backing a Kickstarter Project

Kickstarter has gone from a small crowdfunding platform to one of the juggernauts of the field since its creation in 2009. It’s accepted over $ 2.35 billion in project support from over 10 million backers on almost 300,000 projects. But is backing a Kickstarter project a good idea from a financial point of view? Deciding whether… read more »

After Using Project Fi for Three Weeks, This Is What I Found

Project Fi, unveiled last year, is Google’s attempt to make mobile phone service better. Instead of trying to compete with traditional phone carriers, Google has teamed up with giants Sprint and T-Mobile to provide cheap phone service that hopefully “just works.” I’ve been using Project Fi for about three weeks, and I’m ready to tell… read more »