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3 Best Cheap Linux Laptops to Save Money

Linux often gets associated with being cheap. It’s a bit unfair, but it’s true that you can save some big bucks if you buy a computer with a free operating system. So how inexpensive can you go? Check out these best cheap Linux laptops to save money. Yes, you can install Linux on just about… read more »

Paribus Can Save You Money When Shopping Online

Have you ever made a purchase online and found that the item went on sale just days later? This is frustrating, because if you had waited, you could have saved money. But did you know that many stores offer a price guarantee? This means that if a product you buy drops in price shortly after… read more »

How to Send and Save Animoji on the iPhone X

The iPhone X is an expensive glimpse into the future of smartphone technology, and the crown in the jewel is Face ID. Using infrared and an array of scanners on the front of the device, the iPhone X can recognize who you are and where you’re looking, to unlock your phone and authorize purchases. The… read more »

Google’s Datally Helps You Save Mobile Data

Google has released a new app designed to keep your other apps in check. It’s for Android, naturally, is called Datally, and is all about helping you save your mobile data. Even if you never run out of mobile data, Datally can help you learn more about the way apps consume data. Almost everything you… read more »

How to Save Battery Life on Android for Beginners

Battery life is the bane of everyone smartphone owner’s existence. Despite the amazing advances in technology in the last 20 years, battery life just hasn’t been able to keep up. Even the beefiest Android phones can only make it two days on a charge, but most barely make it one day. If you’re struggling to… read more »

Twitter Bookmarks Let You Save Tweets for Later

Twitter is actively testing a new feature that will let you save tweets for later. In a fit of creative genius Twitter has called this feature “Bookmarks”, but regardless of how unoriginal it is, this could be a useful tool for Twitter users. Almost as useful as the Mute button, in fact. Twitter is strange…. read more »

Start Hosting These Popular Web Apps Yourself to Save Money

If you’re a tech enthusiast of a certain age, you can still recall the following: “Wait, I can check my email in a browser?” We’ve been enjoying the benefits of web-based applications for many years now, and they’ve only grown more sophisticated over time. But as our lives have migrated online, it has raised many… read more »

These Productivity Bots Can Automate Tasks and Save You Time

Although artificial intelligence (AI) might call to mind images of Hal 9000 or the T-1000, AI assumed a drastically different form from its science fiction portrayal. Instead, artificial intelligence centers on the likes of machine learning and natural language processing. Bots evolved into a popular, and useful, form of artificial intelligence. They can recognize and… read more »