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How to Move Your User Folders in Windows 10

Want to tweak the location of your Windows user folders? Here’s how! A fresh installation of Windows produces various different user folders that are meant to hold things like files downloaded from the internet and organize content like music and photographs. However, you might want to customize things to your own liking. Whether you’re looking… read more »

Valve Is Fixing Those Terrible Steam User Reviews

Valve is trying to fix Steam user reviews. Again. Having already taken steps to prevent groups from review-bombing certain games, Valve is once again making changes aimed at making Steam user reviews more helpful. And this time it’s employing cold, hard math and a dose of logic. Steam user reviews were meant to offer users… read more »

Every WhatsApp User Must Know These Features

Thanks to a steady stream of new features, WhatsApp still enjoys a spot as one of the world’s most popular messaging apps. Whether you use WhatsApp as an alternative to SMS texting or regularly message friends in other countries, it’s a free, easy, and powerful solution for chatting. If you want to take your WhatsApp… read more »

Every Windows User Needs to Know This Forgotten but Useful Trick

How many different ways do you know to close a window in Windows? You can click the X in the upper-right corner, use the Alt + F4 shortcut, or right-click a Taskbar icon and choose Close window. But did you know there’s an old relic hanging out in Windows 10 that’s been around for decades?… read more »

How to Move Your Windows 10 User Profile

It can take a long time to set up your computer exactly the way you want it. By the time you’ve finished, it probably won’t look anything like the vanilla version of the operating system (OS) that loads when you turn on a machine for the first time. As such, it can be an annoying… read more »

20 Tips Every First-Time Chromebook User Should Know

So you’ve taken the time to consider the Chromebook’s upsides and downsides and decided to get one? Great choice! I got my first Chromebook several months ago and I’ve never been happier with a laptop. And while your mileage may vary, I’m sure you’ll be happy with yours too. But Chromebooks do come with a… read more »

How to Set Up Multiple User Accounts on Your Mac

Having a common computer for the entire family to use is both pocket-friendly and convenient. The trouble arises when you don’t account for each user’s unique needs and habits. Data leaks, lost files, accidental content purchases — a lot can go wrong if you don’t have a system in place to manage multiple users and… read more »

Quick Tips That’ll Make You a Gmail Power User

Gmail isn’t just a place to send and receive email. Well, I mean technically it is, but if you’re truly skilled at using it, you can make it do so much more for you. If you’re a Gmail power user, you can do it all. How do you become a Gmail power user? Just follow… read more »

13 Essential Slack Shortcuts Every User Should Know

Every remote team in the world has probably heard of Slack by now. We all know how useful Slack can be for project management and collaboration, right? The problem is that Slack can become a huge waste of time and productivity killer if you let it spiral out of control. In the past, we’ve highlighted… read more »